Story Behind Artwork "In Biblical Judgment Day, where reborn Messiah, in the futuristic setting, is to start his vengeance on evil and succeed in it. Holy Maria in Revelation's chapter 12, to foretell incidents of satan's plans, to sweep the new born child to death, but fails majorly. Heaven's turmoil protects the child and mother, while starting the end of times war with heavenly creatures taking stand on Earth and entering the planets surface. The greatest war, where good against the foremost evil, has come to life. The wait of thousands of years of suffering has come to an end. Fires breaking down on Earth's soil, while Isaiha's truth in chapter 11 of the Bible book, is entering the light. The times of where the wolves dresses as lambs and lambs are dressing as wolves is now. The climax of planet Earth is hitting it's dwell of yet to be seen avalanches of major events to occur. We are entering this last period of wars existing to vanish once and for all. The thousand year's of promised peaceful times is coming through sweat and tears. The times of endings has begun. The new era of mankind united in one to sweep out all negative endured time periods to past. Building a unified future together, as of no more previous millennial sufferings is bound to re-enter the mankind's daily life ever again."

MARIA APOCALYPSE artwork by Terese Andersson 2021. In visual context Maria's incarnated body and soul is in modern times preparing for the end of times. The apocalypse. The WW3. Just born second coming of Jesus has been hidden away from the evil spirits of satan. The war has begun.


fake artwork by terese andersson


Terese Andersson painting FAKE describes all the lies in this World. For example: 

- Reproduction and copy of human body and mind in form of robotism and artificial intelligence.

- Imitation and corrections of body parts placed and implanted on humans; nose jobs, breast and butt implants, botox injections in lips, throat and forehead, coloring and hair extensions, acrylic and artificial nails, sun tanning lotions.

- Email hoax examples: Forgery attempts comes in form as lookalike bank emails for account logins, emails attempting to scam money transfers with fictitious stories as long lost relative testament found for collecting  heritage, email recipient made to believe that will get hands on a certain sum of money if paid for courier services in advance.

- Fake imaginary of body realism in form of selfies where body imaginary is manipulated with angles and filters of the phone camera.

- Fake social media statistics as "bloggers" and "influencers" are buying followers to gain credibility. 

- Politics, do I need to say more. Lies and manipulations for votes on the elections and promises not held after been selected by public votes. 

- The circus is in town and is here to stay. Circus entertainment value keeping distracted from what is going on behind the scenery.

What is the real truth? Is there any? 




shit artwork by terese andersson


SHIT painting saw daylight July 2nd 2018 on Terese Andersson's 40th birthday. She painted thick layered acrylics lumps to describe human fieces in a graffiti styled and font acrylic painting.

Shit World we live in, right? But why that kind of statement, of mankind's beautiful home! As well, all living, animals and nature living here.

Everything public on planet Earth (also internet, TV's, radio's and all around, satellites) is ruled by hierarchy elitism over of all people walking and breathing on this planet. At least it feels like that! That we are living in a circus, where we are entertained from all angles to be disrupted from what is going on in the hidden sceneries.

Not everyone is welcome for the public eyes. To become a celebrity. Not for everyday people. No, no. Even though on TV there are reality shows called programs. But they are all shit. The reality shows comes with a manuscript for all the "actors" described as "real life people". Bull shit. This is why Terese painted this on her 40th birthday. She had entered middle age and realized that everything she worked for all her life, was in vain. Working for a visionary purpose without anyone to witness it at the end. An unsuccessful journey to finally realize and discover: "This is all SHIT!".