The Field Marshal in Art (The Marshal)

The Colour Enigmatologist


With a broad sense of colour use and linear angle construction, she has reached a wide spectrum of colour balance in her work. She is an autodidact for a reason. So she could figure out on her own the true depth of the source for inner observation. Bringing to surface her expression for the execution of her work and the sophisticated colour combinations for the aesthetics.


"As a 3-years-old she danced until she was 19. Training at least 3 hours a day, at home, after studying the elite dancers like Margot Fonteyn and Nureyev, to later replicate in front of the mirror. Terese did not enjoy school, so she read in her free time through books or exploration of the internet years 1993-2019. 

SELF STUDIES,  PHILOMATH IN POLYMATHY: Acting, directing, songwriting and creative writing, singing, ballet training, poems, graphic design, psychology, human nature, social behaviour of people and relations, communications, meditation, art and colour schemes, high end fashion designs, New York and Paris luxury real estate, high end jewellery auctions, major and ancient religions, spiritual and ethereal learnings, occultism studies, general visual aesthetics and appreciations, philosophy, ethical manners, mathematics, science, mythology and symbolism, colour therapy and light matters. 

Painted with gouache on paper since a little girl, throughout adulthood, with occasional paintings created maximum of 4-5 a year. 2016 painted for the first time with acrylics on canvas and since then, to Autumn 2021, painted about 200. 50 of them in Kirkkonummi, Gesterby area households. 100 in public or private homes or offices worldwide and rest in storage at home ateliers in Lappohja, Finland. Terese's art can be associated with her company Prelup Oy, where her art and fashion can be viewed and sold. Terese also designs patterns from her art on fashion clothing and bags. Terese wrote a self biography 2014, in the form of a treatment for movie or TV, according to events while travelling in Europe during 2011-2013. Movie treatment is called “Journey Of A Fragmented Mind.”


Terese Andersson is an abstract artist with tendencies for abstract as well figurative art painting. She uses her form of expression to maintain her interest in her observance of people and the surrounding. She is curious and has studied all her life, human nature, and it’s population. She says it’s for her cultivation she’s done that and for the future of the unknown and for the love of mysteries. The mysteries of life. And everything involved. Terese works with difficult colour combinations and construction adding linear work as well angles to express her visual outlook on life. Terese paints full-time on an everyday basis. All her paintings are signed as Terese with either black or white colour. 

Born in 1978 Terese is a self-educated abstract artist, whose paintings are not only the expression of a wide spectrum of colour balance and linear angle constructions, but a therapy and the source for inner observation. A heavy burn-out in 2010-2011 caused a severe mental health imbalance and all these resulted into almost a year of homeless wandering through Europe. After getting the treatment, returning to Finland and spending a lot of time in a hospital, she has found her own way of self-therapy in the form of painting. 

There is a story behind each piece of art. There is an inner sense in the mixture of colours. There is a depth behind each surface.

Terese also makes music, writes songs and creates prints for her own collection of clothes and accessories, which she sells through her company Prelup OY.


Galleria Artika, January 2017, Group Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

Cafe Cleopatra, August 2018, Solo Exhibition, Kirkkonummi, Finland

Galleria Albert IX, 18.02-03.03.2019, Solo Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

Galleria Albert IX, 11.03-24.03.2019, Solo Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland

Pop Up Kellarikahvila, 1.6-30.8.2019, Solo Exhibition, Hanko, Finland

Mikä-Art shop, 1.6-30.8.2019, Group Exhibition, Fiskars, Finland

See Me #OneSelf contest afterparty ChaShaMa Gallery, 13.6.2019, Digital Group Exhibition, NYC, USA

Vapaakaupunki Olohuone, REDI, 26.6-21.7.2019, Group Exhibition, Kalasatama, Helsinki, Finland

*One more time* Pop-up Cafe, 15.02.2020, Solo Exhibition, Hanko, Finland

Prelup Oy Pop Up Boutique, 1.4-23.8.2020, Solo Exhibition, Vuorikatu, Hanko, Finland

Online 3D art exhibitions at Kunstmatrix, Strike Tellus, 4.7.2021-14.2.2022, Digital Solo Exhibition, Online

Prelup Oy Pop Up Boutique, 21.6-15.8.2021, Solo Exhibition, Graniittilinna, Hanko, Finland 

Las Laguna Gallery, 3.6-26.6.2021, Digital Group Exhibition Titled Painterly, Online

HangArt, 29-31.7.2021, art tour in Hanko (several exhibitors), Finland.

Lappohjan Päivä, 28.8.2021, Group Exhibition, Lappohja, Finland

Kauppakeskus Plaza Pop Up, 3.9.2021, Solo Exhibition, shopping mall, Salo, Finland

LUCID 154, 18.11.2021-02.01.2022, Solo Exhibition, Graniittilinna, Hanko, Finland

DADDY GREENS, 3.1.2022-28.2.2022, Solo Exhibition, Iso Roba, Helsinki, Finland

The Holy Art Gallery, 10-16.4.2022, Virtual Group CATHARSIS, London, United Kingdom

Prelup Oy Pop Up Boutique, 10.6-15.8.2022, Solo Exhibition, Graniittilinna, Hanko, Finland 

VERA VERITAS IV.MMXXIII, Turun Kirjakahvila, 09-12.2022, Solo Exhibition, Turku, Finland

FRAUS DOLUS IV.MMXXIII, Porvoo Kulttuuritalo Grand, 03-31.10.2022, Solo Exhibition, Porvoo, Finland


Tukilinja Säätiö 2018, 400€ 

Hanko City 2020, Corona Aid , 2000€ (Prelup Oy)

TAIKE 2022, Corona Aid, 6000€ (Prelup Oy)

Tukilinja Säätiö 2022, 1200€ (Prelup Oy)


Artdex  competition, 2020, NYC, USA (third prize winner with painting ORNAMENT)


Self educated







Interest from Grammy producers like Joe Chiccarelli, Greg Wells, Luke Ebbin, Lamont Dozier and Damon Elliott through a service called music180 2009-2010, as Terese De Foy. 2014 as Noexelle, with just released EP called Alias Human, Diplo replied Let's work together on email and never returned with follow-up. 2008-2010 her LA based entertainment lawyer needed Christian songs, but nothing happened regarding obtaining a record or a publisher deal. Late 2010, Terese De Foy got a burnout, followed by the continuous yes and then no's email letters and phone calls, which was on a daily basis during 2006-2010. Hundreds of letters sent and daily working hours 16 hours doing music and contacting the music professionals for attempt furthering her career. Burnout then turned into a severe mental health imbalance in late 2010 to mid 2011, which caused workload and stress due to unemployment. And after bills had been paid, she could not afford even food. She was literally starving while writing songs the whole year of 2010. Without medication, she then escaped from hospital, where she was held at 2.5.2011- 26.8.2011. 26.8.2011-14.5.2012 she was travelling as a homeless person, in western Europe, without a dime of money in pocket. Terese walked every single day during this time, for 9-12 hours a day, even with major leg injuries and severe pain. She also had for two weeks water in knees, but she kept walking. Travels include Charleville-Mezieres, Paris, French Riviera, Bordeaux, Brussels, Celigny, Lugano, Amsterdam, Brighton and London. June 2012 she finally got treatment in Hellingly, UK and returned back to Finland in December 2013. While still in treatment, she released Alias Human EP in 11.11.2014 which was produced by Go Grizzly. Since 2016 Terese continued with self therapy at home in form of painting artworks. 16.8.2020 after years of hiatus from music making, she wrote Wish Star as THIRD Χχ. Third pseudonym name during her musical path. She is sort of taking a break from music from now on, as the songwriting path had a harsh effect on her personal life. The experiences during her travels in Europe, is what she calls the Life Army. Has had a serious impact on her life and personality. She got thicker skin and more self confidence, but as well flashbacks coming as nightmares. As the road was everything but easy. Terese is contemplating returning to music, as a hobby beside her art. THIRD Χχ as her artist songwriting name, without pressure and working with ease. Terese is an autodidact in songwriting, and everything she knows and can. She did take singing lessons for a few years in 2007-2009. And then continued by herself learning singing from 2009 onwards. That what she knows, she knows and that what she doesn't know, she learns to know. As a student, she is her own teacher. Always!

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